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Mike Madarasz
By Mike Madarasz On November 02 2018 On Releases, Data
Welcome to the  new world of analytics! Brands are hiring data scientists to overcome challenges and shortcomings of single-point solutions. However, better algorithms and better data are not enough. There is no  magic button that drives actionable insights to solve business challenges. At least not yet... Combine the right technology with experienced operators and subject-matter expertise and now you have something of substance.

We need data scientists, engineers, designers, people who get data, people who are creative with data and who have empathy for the insight-challenged community that’s now represented and shaped by experienced practitioners. The tide is now turning toward making data and sophisticated algorithms king. However, technical skills are not enough to satisfy market expectations. Understanding how to access data, specifically unstructured sources like online conversation, is also an integral part of the equation. With today’s compliance and access standards more scrutinized than ever before, knowing how to best prepare for that from a licensing and technical perspective in order to maximize opportunity for successful analytics is essential.

Socialgist is proud to sponsor the Data Natives conference for the first time! Jay Krall, VP of Product, will be presenting a segment called, Accessing Online Text-based Conversation: Past, Present and Future. Data Natives is a community spawned from a series of localized events in 48 key tech capitals across the globe. It represents the culmination of a grassroots tech movement uniting an analytics community, exchanging methods and best practices across multiple industries. We are very excited to participate in this electrifying event.

Hope to see you there!


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