The Reddit-o-lution Will Be Televised

Dave Heal
By Dave Heal On February 07 2020 On reddit, Licensed Data


Yesterday Reddit and Tagboard announced a partnership, powered by your friends here at Socialgist, that will make it easy for Tagboard's network and broadcast partners to feature Reddit content on television.

If you're a Reddit user or even just a power browser of the site, you know that Reddit is home to passionate communities discussing just about nearly every topic under the sun. From sports and music to politics and gaming, Reddit's communities contain vibrant discussions that are relevant for any organization trying to keep their finger on the pulse of what their users/customers/communities are saying.

And though we've become accustomed to seeing viral, bite-sized Twitter and Facebook posts on our screens, now networks will be able to feature the 430 million monthly Reddit users whose in-depth discussions comprise the Front Page of the Internet.  

TEGNA and the NFL are the first organizations to get Reddit content to broadcast, but given Tagboard's extensive list of partnerships you can be sure that other companies will be following right behind. 

“In our ongoing transformation of local news, we are constantly seeking out the stories that matter most to our audience,” said Adam Ostrow, Chief Digital Officer, TEGNA. “Our partnership with Reddit and Tagboard lets our 49 local newsrooms stay attuned to the hyperlocal issues being discussed in their communities, and gives us the ability to develop news content that reflects the most topical online conversations and insights being shared by redditors.”
For more on this partnership, check out Techcrunch's coverage. 



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