Introducing the Quora Search API

Jay Krall
By Jay Krall On August 12 2020 On Open APIs, quora, index


Socialgist recently announced the Quora Public Data Program in partnership with Quora, bringing in-depth conversations about a range of topics from expert communities to the social data ecosystem. Initially, the product was available via a set of real-time data streams. Today, we’re releasing the Quora Search API, offering market research analysts access to the full history of Quora, back to the very first question in 2009.

The API allows you to filter on a variety of aspects of Quora’s rich datasets, including:

  • Perform complex keyword searches across questions, answers and comments
  • Filter using Topics, the organizing taxonomy of Quora
  • Surface the top questions by view count—a first in our industry—as well as follower counts and answer counts
  • Leverage a dataset which is licensed, sanctioned and kept privacy-complaint, with user edits and deletes automatically applied to the dataset applied to the dataset based on Quora user actions

Interested in trying out the new Quora Search API?

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