Meet the Team: Socialgist Engineering Blog

We decided to launch an Engineering blog at Socialgist because we…

Vijeta Hingorani
Vijeta Hingorani July 08

Data Partner Spotlight: Quora

With the recent launch of the Quora Public Data Program we are…

Kaylin Linke
Kaylin Linke May 19

The Bleeding Edge - Dr. Naushad UzZaman - Blackbird.AI

We're hoping you enjoyed Dr. Jillian Ney's post as much as we did…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds April 21

The Bleeding Edge - Dr. Jillian Ney - The Social Intelligence Lab - Interview

Hopefully you had a chance to read Wendy Scherer's from Social…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds April 07

The Bleeding Edge - Wendy Scherer - Social Studies Group - Interview

Moving on from our second interview of Paul Siegel from Brandwatch we…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds March 31

The Bleeding Edge - Paul Siegel of Brandwatch Interview

As promised in our initial Bleeding Edge post we are beyond excited…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds March 11

The Bleeding Edge

The limit, the outer edge…that queasy feeling in your stomach. It's…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds March 09

Data Partner Spotlight: VerticalScope

Finding the insight and ah-ha moments within social media…

Kaylin Linke
Kaylin Linke January 28

New Year - New Trends

Welcome back to the world of the living my friends. Thought it’s…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds January 06

Reddit's reach is greater than Twitter & LinkedIn in 2019

Phil Berliner
Phil Berliner December 05

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