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Vijeta Hingorani
By Vijeta Hingorani On July 08 2020 On innovation, Data, engineering

We decided to launch an Engineering blog at Socialgist because we wanted you to have a glimpse of the company's amazing culture and introduce our talented engineers showcasing the brilliant work! We deal with a lot of data from various sources and have built solutions around streaming, storing, accessing that using Kafka, Hadoop & Containerization technologies. We are excited to share that we have released models on AWS Marketplace Sagemaker that handle extraction and normalizing dates from unstructured data.

We believe in building stable products which customers love by gaining control over the speed of software development process. This leads us to our philosophy of “Move Slow and Mend Things” by Kevlin Henney



Our office is located in Troy, Michigan, a suburb in Detroit. We have built a friendly and diverse culture with a strong sense of community. The diverse background of the team drives creativity and productivity. Everyone knows each other and is ready to help out whenever needed. The teams enjoy spending time together and pre-COVID we used to have informal team lunch meetings every Thursday post which there would be gaming sessions of Table Tennis and Foosball. Our work culture ensures that everyone has fun which we believe is very important for creativity and innovation!

Post-COVID the teams adapted well to the remote culture by communicating more, introducing several channels on Slack such as pets, food, podcasts, movies/tv & games! There is always something exciting going on.

The leadership in the company highly encourages work-life balance. After working from home for several months teams reported higher productivity. Leadership in the company has found the right balance between managing the teams and empowering them to make the decisions that are necessary to make the job done.

We are always working on improving our people-first culture, part of which leads employees to bring in their own devices at work. We are engineering teams of ALL OSs. Meaning you are allowed to bring your own device because we strongly believe the tool you're comfortable with makes you more productive!

We ensure each and everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinions via anonymous polls at several stages of decision making. You will hear more about this in coming posts.

Stay tuned to hear more about the challenges and best practices followed by the engineering teams in the next article! Thank you for reading :)


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