Growth of Messaging and APAC Platforms Rocks the Social Media Landscape

Phil Berliner
By Phil Berliner On September 09 2020 On social insight, reddit, Social Networking, twitter, Tencent

In 2020, the growth of social media platforms is being driven by the strong presence of messaging apps, along with international networks and the Facebook family of sites, according to numbers researched by Statista, eMarketer, CNET, and Business of Apps, and compiled by Visual Capitalist.

Aran Ali's article highlights the strong presence of private messaging apps as a major growth-driver within the social space, as Mark Zuckerberg's WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger combine for 3.3 billion monthly average users. China's messaging platform WeChat, part of Tencent Holdings, has an impressive 1.2 billion app users.

China continues to solidify its position as a leader within the social media universe, as Weibo, WeChat, QQ, TikTok, and Qzone command half of the spots among the Top 10 social networks, ranked by number of average monthly users.

Reddit now boasts more monthly average users than each of Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as its emphasis upon communities continues to attract social media users interested in focusing upon topics of interest and the advertisers who want to reach these well-defined audiences.

Social media upstarts Twitch and TikTok continue to make big waves, as they redefine what a video-centered network can be, particularly to a younger audience.

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