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Jim Reynolds
By Jim Reynolds On February 24 2020 On Risk Analytics, digital risk, RSA, Road Show, cybersecurity

The Socialgist team logs tens of thousands of miles in the air supporting our global client base. As we've continued to grow and expand in the risk analytics & threat detection market we are coming back to RSAConference for our third year in a row. Leading this effort will be Mike Madarasz & Derrick Lyons.

To share a little bit behind the scenes we've asked Mike a few questions around RSA.




Jim: What is RSAC?

Mike: One of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world, for almost 30 years. 

Jim: Why is it important?

Mike: RSA is the driving force behind the world’s cybersecurity agenda and the central point where people from around the world gather to share ideas, learn and grow.

Jim: Why are we there?

Mike: To support our current customers and learn how we can help the cybersecurity research community through innovation and partnerships.

Jim: How long will we be there?

Mike: Feb 24-28th

Jim: What do we hope to learn?

Mike: How analyzing open source conversational data is impacting industry Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Jim: Will you share your findings?

Mike: Happy to, Keep your eyes open for a blog post next week for the key highlights & insights.


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As promised last week, Mike Madarasz would be back with insights and findings from The RSA Conference. 

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds March 04