Meet our summer intern, Jack

Vijeta Hingorani
By Vijeta Hingorani On August 19 2020 On engineering, intern, day in the life

Jack, a student at Michigan State University has been joining us for the past two years for his summer internship and we thought it would be great to talk to him and know his views on the company culture.

Meet Jack Socialgist's Summer 2020 Intern. 


What is your role and what do you do?

As an intern at Socialgist, I have worked on a variety of projects and initiatives, both in a supportive role on a team as well as independently. These projects have ranged from containerization and logging to database design and dashboard generation.

Can you take us through your average day at Socialgist?

Usually I get started working between 9 and 10, starting my day by opening up slack and checking my schedule. Then I begin working on my tasks. This often incorporates research and familiarization with the topic followed by diving into the project work and testing. I am often allowed to work independently and learn from experience but always have people available who can help me when I need it.

How would you describe our company culture?

The company culture at Socialgist is quite admirable. There is a strong sense of community and I think that a lot of that comes from the low pressure management style. Everyone with whom I have interacted is passionate about what they do, and they have all been very helpful and kind. From the open, collaborative atmosphere of the office that I experienced last summer, to their willingness and initiative to begin working remote this year, the company always seems to have their employees’ best interests in mind; a quality that I hope to find in my first long-term employer.

What changes did you observe compared to the past year in Socialgist?

Of course we are all experiencing change right now, and nothing is exactly as it was. But what I am more impressed by is how some aspects of Socialgist have stayed the same despite all of the change going on. When quarantine started in the spring, I was unsure if I would be able to find an internship for Summer 2020. Socialgist continuing their internship program remotely has been an incredible opportunity for me. Beginning work remotely, I was unsure of what to expect, but the company culture I experienced in 2019 has persisted. And, the company has made efforts to improve during this time. Having the engineering team Scrum certified and receive universal training made my week-to-week experience as a remote intern feel supported. Despite all of the challenges of the past year, Socialgist has become stronger.

Any advice for future interns at Socialgist?

Be ready to learn new things and do research. The time you spend will be worth it to have a strong foundation in the skills that you need that may not necessarily be taught in class. Do not be afraid to ask questions and ask for help because everyone wants you to be successful. When you do get help, pay attention because the people at Socialgist are very smart and you will learn a lot from them.

How did your internship compare with internships your peers have done?

Most of my friends have not enjoyed their internship experiences the way that I have. They often were left with no work to do and just trying to kill time after finishing boring and miniscule tasks. At Socialgist, I have been given real fulfilling work that I felt was truly impactful. I have also been able to work with new emerging trends in the industry like Docker and Kubernetes that will be very valuable skills for me to have.

What do you believe is the next step in your profession and did the internship help you get there?

My goal is to be able to use the skills that I have built in data management and coding to help solve big problems, and I believe that Socialgist has been crucial in helping me develop that vision and move me further towards it. I’ve been lucky to have gotten to build skills in such a wide range of topics. It has certainly given me an advantage as a prospective engineer with my goals, and I am incredibly grateful to Socialgist for that.

If offered the chance would you work at Socialgist full time once you have graduated?

Yeah I would be thrilled to work at Socialgist. The work that they do is something that I find very interesting and rewarding. They also represent many of the values and qualities that I find attractive in a potential employer. It would be an incredible opportunity to get to further my career with them.

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