Not all Social Data is created equal

Phil Berliner
By Phil Berliner On May 13 2020 On data science, news, Open Data

The number of social networks, blogs, review sites, message boards, commenting platforms, and online communities available to bring into the metrics of your public-facing or proprietary analytics platform keeps growing.

How can you determine which data sources will best meet your needs?

According to a number of social media analytics executives who spoke with The Social Intelligence Lab, the key to making that decision is aligning data sources with the intended use.

Joe Colacurcio, Vice President, Social Intelligence Analytics at Ipsos SMX, noted that market insights are often found on message boards,  where consumers express unmet needs, while social media channels  are more likely to contain campaign and product launch feedback.

Insights into the best way to handle a crisis, identify trends at the earliest possible moment, or gain an in-depth understanding of your audience are not all obtained from the same data sources, according to Storyful Senior Intelligence Strategist Gillian Murtagh.

You'll find more detail on strategies for matching the right social data to the intended use here:

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