Socialgist releases date-interpretation model on AWS Sagemaker

At Socialgist, we wrangle a lot of unstructured textual data. One…

Milos Pavkovic
Milos Pavkovic June 29

Data Partner Spotlight: Quora

With the recent launch of the Quora Public Data Program we are…

Kaylin Linke
Kaylin Linke May 19

Socialgist Interview with Brendan Weitz of Quora

Hello! As you've likely seen our press release announcing our…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds May 19

Not all Social Data is created equal

Phil Berliner
Phil Berliner May 13

Reddit launches partnership with Newzoo for gaming community analytics

Great news from our partner Reddit: Newzoo & Reddit have launched a…

Justin Wyman
Justin Wyman April 30

Top Weibo Advertisers have 80% more followers on Weibo than Twitter.

Pretty wild stat huh?, this finding was highlighted via our partner &…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds April 28

The Bleeding Edge - Dr. Naushad UzZaman - Blackbird.AI

We're hoping you enjoyed Dr. Jillian Ney's post as much as we did…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds April 21

The Bleeding Edge - Dr. Jillian Ney - The Social Intelligence Lab - Interview

Hopefully you had a chance to read Wendy Scherer's from Social…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds April 07

The Bleeding Edge - Wendy Scherer - Social Studies Group - Interview

Moving on from our second interview of Paul Siegel from Brandwatch we…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds March 31

Social Analytics for Good: Covid-19 Data Resources

The Socialgist team is now working remotely like most everyone so we…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds March 24

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