Structuring Data for Predictive Analytics

I wrote this paragraph almost three years ago as an opener to a…

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds September 17

Social Media Week New York: Wrap Up

The Socialgist team had the pleasure of sponsoring Social Media Week…

Kaylin Linke
Kaylin Linke May 20

Socialgist Announces Wordpress Blog & Comment Content Integration

Hi All,

Justin Wyman
Justin Wyman March 28

Socialgist teams up with Data Natives

Welcome to the  new world of analytics! Brands are hiring data…

Mike Madarasz
Mike Madarasz November 02

New Release: Socialgist Real-Time Streaming Libraries

We are excited to announce our new Socialgist GitHub repository with…

Kaylin Linke
Kaylin Linke October 29

Excited to Participate and Sponsor in the Upcoming Social Media Week London!

Hello London!

Justin Wyman
Justin Wyman October 29

The rise of social in Asia: a world of insights awaits

Lately, Facebook has dominated headlines with news of regulatory…

Jay Krall
Jay Krall April 18

Instituting strong data governance while delivering useful insights

From the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)…

Jay Krall
Jay Krall April 17

The Evolution of Social Data Access

The world was a different place 10 years ago, when social listening…

Jay Krall
Jay Krall April 17

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